A Pilot's Eye of the World

Art of Aviation
Aviation   The fascination of flying has always been of great interest of humans. To capture this unique way of travelling could be an art in itself with spectacular weather phenomenons like rainbows and condensation or beautiful sunsets.

Travel Photography Guide
Photography   Travel photography is both challenging and developing since it covers almost all categories within photography. Like always careful planning and preparation is very important to get the shots you want. In this guide you will find some of my own experiences and useful hints to better travel photos.
World of Wonders
World   The world is full of places you just have to visit! From handmade landmarks to the earth's own wonders, the bucket list can get very long. Here is a collection of beautiful places visited so far, enjoy!
Countries visited
Top sights in Albania
Albania   The most interesting places to see and photograph when visiting this so long isolated country.
Shinkansen interrail
Japan   There is no better way to get around and experience Japan than to interrail with a Japan Rail Pass!
24 hours in Swaziland
Swaziland   Things to do in a day when passing through this small kingdom surrounded by South Africa
Lady Liberty spots
United States   Here is my guide of how to find the best angles while taking photos of this american icon!  
Japanese sakura
Japan   The cherry blossom season is here which transforms Japan to an amazing scene that must be seen!
Places to visit in Bosnia
Bosnia and Herzegovina   The most interesting places to see when visiting this war-torned country.
World Cup Trophy Tour
World   Throwback Thursday to the last World Cup Trophy Tour of 2014 with this McDonnell Douglas MD80!
Top sights Montenegro
Montenegro   The most interesting sights to photograph when visiting this scenic and beautiful country.
The Victoria Falls
Zimbabwe   A three days itinerary of what to do at the Victoria Falls and its surrounding countries.