Malta - my 70th visited country! ( 29/09/2017 )

Early fall vacation this year and my family and I decided to extend the summer for a visit to the Mediterranean island of Malta. This was my 70th country to be visited and a country which have been in the planning phase for several years. Now finally the time was right for a visit but unfortunately a little too late to see the famous landmark of Azure Window on the nearby island of Gozo. This famous attraction collapsed earlier this year after a storm which made the pillar to collapse after several years of erosion.

Apart from a visit to Gozo there is also a lot other interesting things to see on the main island. Malta is a really small island and one of the most dense populated areas of the world. Everything is is within a short drive but the traffic could be intense and the road network quality not the always the best but it's still worth to rent a car to explore the island further. More blog post of Malta will follow during the fall!

The Azure Window or at least the remains of it on the island of Gozo.