Skåne - Top destination for 2016 ( 19/01/2016 )

NY Times has released a list of the 52 places to go in 2016. My own home county of Skåne in Sweden is placed as number 9 on the list. Trying to be objective is quite hard when talking about your home but Skåne sure does has a lot to offer.

It's not just all about the great food served in trendy or classic restaurants in the cities, there is of course a lot more to see and experience in Skåne. Beautiful nature and interesting wildlife in our national parks like Söderåsen, historical monuments and buildings like Ales Stenar and Kärnan and more modern landmarks like Turning Torso and the Öresund bridge just to name a few. The best time to experience Skåne if you really want to see something special is late spring when the rapeseed fields color the whole county in yellow!

Want to get inspired for a visit to the beautiful Skåne just click on photo below.

The full list of the ranked destinations can be seen here:
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