Crayfish party - a true Swedish tradition ( 04/09/2017 )

In the last days of summer and beginning of the fall the Swedes just get crazy about a true classic happening - crayfish parties. If you want to do the whole thing right you should fish them yourself, cook them in tasty recipe of salted water, beer, a lot of dill and other spices to get the best of flavours and then invite to a crayfish party. The crayfish is served together with Västerbotten cheese pie and other local delicacies and not to forget the local spirits shots. To get the party feeling the entire seating area is decorated in all kind of paraphernalia with printed crayfish motive and all guests are wearing funny hats and bibs.

The crayfish are imported from all around the world and you can buy them in the stores during a limited period of time if you don't want to fish them yourself. The local crayfish are the best of course and if you are visiting Sweden in this period of the year try to be part of a classic crayfish party!