Slovakia vs. Slovenia ( 30/09/2018 )

Slovakia and Slovenia, which one is which? Located very close to each other on the European map with very similar flag, I found it far more legitimate to mix up these two countries than Sweden and Switzerland that many people seems to do as well.

Anyhow, both countries have an interesting past, Slovakia once belonging to Czechoslovakia with an apparent communistic touch while Slovenia was a part of the once great Yugoslavia. The countries and especially the capitals are up and rising with an interesting and trendy appeal to spend the weekend. Bratislava has great sightseeing with a lot of monuments and statues while Ljubljana has a lot of trendy places for food and drinks. Both are also perfect in size to explore by foot and in a easy pace.

Around the countryside both countries have also a lot to offer with it mountainous terrain with great trekking opportunities during summer and skiing in the winter time. Slovenia has an very interesting spot in Bled which almost seems to be synonymous with Slovenia and you have probably already seen photos with the church located on an island just in the middle of the lake.

If you are looking for something different and upcoming I can really recommend a weekend in either of these two capitals. If you have more time to spare and able to bring your car there is a lot more to discover. Follow the links below for some inspiration of this two Eastern European countries.