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The best angles for Lady Liberty ( 04/07/2018 )

If you haven't seen the Statue of Liberty you haven't been to New York! There is nothing that is more symbolic for the United States and New York than this giant statue that overlooks the skyline of Manhattan.

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The Canola blossom in Skåne ( 31/05/2018 )

During the month of May, the very southern part of Sweden turns all yellow with beautiful blossoming canola fields as far as the eye can see. This is the typical image of the county of Scania or as you say in swedish "Skåne".

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Japanese Cherry Blossom ( 25/04/2018 )

My family and I are just back home again after a fantastic vacation in Japan. The timing was just right for the cherry blossom season and Japan was more beautiful than ever. The japanese people call this period "Sakura"

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