Down Under ( 17/04/2017 )

The continent down under also known as Australia has been on the bucketlist for a very long time and now finally I had the chance to get there.

Despite being so far away from all other continents and a travel time of at least 24 hours from Europe, it's all worth it! Thanks to the geographical isolation the biota is truly unique and it's a magic moment when you spot your first jumping kangaroo. Apart from the wildlife the nature and habitat itself is diverse with a wide range from tropical forest, desert to even alpine-heaths.

Australia has so much to offer, you can't get it all with just one visit. A first glimpse of the country included the Great Ocean Road, Kangaroo Island and the vibrant cities of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide with its surrounding wine districts. This southeastern area made a great first visit but there will be many more to come to this dream destination.

Have a look and get inspired by the continent down under!