The Bucket List ( 07/02/2018 )

The world is full of places which just have to be experienced and visited at least once in your life time. In my case the bucket list of those places seems to get longer and longer for every place visited. It really doesn't matter that I most of the time are travelling in my work as airliner pilot or travel with my family during almost all available spare time. I just can't get enough and even though I have experienced quite a lot already, it just seems to feed for new experiences even more. I guess a bucket list could be just as long as you want but to limit and hopefully make it some kind of achievable I decided to carefully select a top 30 list. The future will tell how many of them that will remain as dreams, until then enjoy and get inspired by my bucket list!

1. Deadvlei and the red sand dunes, Namibia
2. Inca trail to Macchu Picchu, Peru
3. Sunrise at the Pyramids and Sphinx, Egypt
4. See polar bears in Svalbard, Norway
5. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
6. Sunrise at Ayers Rock, Australia
7. Hot air balloon over Bagan, Myanmar
8. Glacier cruise, Greenland
9. Experience Petra and Wadi Rum, Jordan
10. Climbing the Chinese Wall, China

For the full top 30 list click on the link below: